NCE 5041 – Devils orchastrate Perion’s collapse
NCE 5042 – The Baator Crusade begins
NCE 5044 – The Baator Crusade concludes

NCE 5162 – Storm King attacks Cass
NCE 5164 – The Storm King kills the First Prince of Cass and all the heirs. The Elders take over Cass until a new Prince is appointed

NCE 5218 – The Invasion of Law and Chaos
NCE 5219 – The Azure Wind Incident occurs

NCE 5443 – The Overworld is discovered
NCE 5445 – Cass begins large scale exploration and mining missions into the Overworld
NCE 5446 – The Tower is discovered by a Cassian exploration party and are trapped inside
NCE 5449 – The Cassian exploration party escapes the Tower and seal it once more

NCE 5450 – Randin the Returned becomes the First Prince of Cass and restores the Principality
NCE 5451 – The Copper and Silver Elders of Cass resign and leave the country
NCE 5464 – Cilinorth invents Arcanite Fuel and begins building the Arcane Vein System
NCE 5470 – Cilinorth completes the Arcane Vein System, giving its citizens access to powered appliances at home and allows trains move freely across the country. Cilinorth undergoes an Industrial Revolution
NCE 5473 – Cilinorth creates the Arcanite Trade Compromise and many nations leap at the chance to gain access to Cilinorth’s technological secrets

NCE 5520 – A web of tracks now cover the western half of Averion
NCE 5521 – Randin dies of old age and his heir, Victor ascends the throne at age 31
NCE 5524 – Victor turns back the Desert Elves during the 3rd Great Conflict and is hailed as the “Invincible Lord” due to his strength and aggressive tactics on the battlefield

NCE 5533 – Cilinorth declares war on Perion, claiming breach of agreement and stealing national secrets.
NCE 5534 – Cilinorth invades Perion and quickly conquers it. Perion’s populace and government flees to its Northwest territories.


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