The Baator Crusade


The Devils had been orchastrating Perion‘s collapse for many decades before they finally sprung their trap and kidnapped large swathes of the populace as well as many high ranking officials in the Peronian government. Leaving Perion battered and broken, the devils of the Seven Hells thought that they had won, but they underestimated Perion’s resolve.

Thus the Baator Crusade began. Peronian survivors banded together and with the aid of Cass, Ferrigoth, and the Loren nations, they invaded Baator.
The Crusaders rescued many of the people who had been taken to be tortured until giving up their souls. They decided to deal a blow to Baator so that the devils would be unable to attack in this manner again. The Crusaders tried to slay a High lord of hell. This failed, but the Crusade ended in a minor victory after recovering over 40% of the kidnapped populace and slaying many of lower Lords hell.

The death of so many minor lords caused a civil war in Baator resulting the deaths of 2 High Lords. Baator has been recovering since this loss, leading many devils to start hunting for souls in other planes.

Perion never returned to the superpower status it once held.

The Baator Crusade

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