The holy nation of Perion is located on the southern coast of Averion to the east of Cass and south of Cilinorth. It is situated on rolling hills and dotted with farms with several major cities spread throughout its large territory. Perion Claims the Unknown Lands, even though it is mostly inhabitable due to the corruption from the remains of Tiamut, extending Peronian rule all the way to the west coast.


Perion has a very theistic society and view themselves as the defenders against the Devil legions that try to invade the Material Plane which has lead to a very militant and battle-hardened society. Peronian culture stresses the importance of duty and righteousness while balancing tolerance and forgiveness. Peronians come off as a bit boring and too serious to others, but this is mostly from the idea of the two minds: Public and Private. While in public, a Peronian is very formal and serious, but when they are at home in private, they relax a bit more and enjoy themselves.

The Peronian society has gained a few quirks from fighting the devils so long. They view bending the truth and tricking some one into something is one of the highest crimes a person can commit, mostly likely due to the fact that devils use this tactic quite often. All citizens are required to go through the public education which teaches standard concepts as well as legal training and defensive combat tactics so that they would be prepared if they ever came face to face with a devil.

Peronian society is a merit based system with great class mobility. Anyone can hold an office as long as they can demonstrate the requisite skills for the job.

Perion does expect its citizens to pay back the government by serving in the military or at least supporting it, but since almost everyone has family in the military, people don’t mind.


Perion has three branches of government: The High Master of the Crusades, High Priest, and the Council of Eleven. The High Master of the Crusades carries out the will of the Council, while the council makes the laws, treaties, and generally acts as the legislative and shares powers of the executive branch with the High Master of the Crusades, mostly in domestic matters. The High Priest keeps the other two branches in line with what their deity dictates and acts are the judicial branch.


Perion is a nation dedicated to Heironious and the others of the celestial court.


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