Invasion of Law and Chaos


The beings of Chaos were trying to consume the Material plane and return it to Pandemonium. The plane of law, Mechanis, decided it was time to put a stop to Chaos’ rampage. Mechanis’ intentions, however, were not so noble. They wished to turn the Material plane into a region of pure law and organization through various means of converting beings into a form similar to their clockwork and mechanical bodies and the genocide of all living things that were deemed “incompatible”.

The Chaos’ Invasion ended when an Elder Gold Dragon summoned an army of the Heroes of Old to fight the forces of chaos while a party of heroes traveled into the heart of the Chaos called “The Nexus” and destroyed it, essentially removing the Chaos’ ability to wage war.

The Mechanis invasion force encountered a small pirate ship outfitted with levitation stones named “the Azure Wind”. Somehow, the entire invasion force of Mechanis was utterly defeated. The Plane of Mechanis also had a large area of its plane detonated completely destroyed as well as part of the ocean to the the west of Averion. Mechanis deemed the Material plane too dangerous to conquer and organize and halted their attempts.

Invasion of Law and Chaos

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