The second largest nation of Averion is located almost exactly in the middle of Averion nestled between the mountains and sea to the north, the Elven democracy of [Atherion] to the east, [Perion] to the south, and the gray sands of the Unknown Lands to the west. Cilinorth has only one port city, Maven’s Landing, which is located between the northern mountains and Atherion’s northern border.


Cilinorth claims to be the most modern country and takes pride in its devotion to progress and advancement of knowledge. The Cillian culture is heavily based on “Edicts for Development”, a book written by one of the founding councilmen of Cilinorth. The Edicts stress that to advance as a society, one needs to be able to compromise and learn. This has lead to a large focus on a mercantile and research based economy that has become very prosperous in the recent century. A bit of coin and a silver tongue can get you just about anything in this society where wit and subtlety are valued above all else.


The House of Merchants is the main legislative body. The House of Merchants has a total of 556 members and is chosen in part by the citizens, but a small council of 11 divination wizards called the seers can reverse any decision made by the House. The Seers authority is unquestioned and they never explain themselves, but they rarely step in except to avoid a tragedy or disaster for Cilinorth.


Cilinorth’s main forces have grown quite weak due to the fact that no one really fights wars with each other anymore. But they have lots of mercenary guilds and their wizards and strategists are very formidable.


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