Cass is located in the southwest corner of Averion nestled high in the mountains and its many labyrinth canyons. Its climate is dry and hot for the most part except for the few towns that line the small coast past the mountains. Its capital, Bahteel (meaning “Dragon’s Mark”), rests high up in the mountains.


Cassians are known for their tolerance of all things as long as they pull their weight. They have no sympathy for lazy people, but will gladly lend a hand to those they think are worthy. Their laws and customs reflect this ideology. Many believe that Cass was formed by a mercenary group on this principle.


Most citizens worship the minor deities of the celestial court although some still worship Bahamut, the god of good Dragons and Magic, but his popularity has declined due to how few dragons remain.

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When Cass was founded, it was created as a non-hereditary Principality. A single person, called the First Prince or Princess, would rule the country with the aid of local officials and under the advisement of 3 Elders within whom the spirits of good dragons resided. The First Prince would choose an heir from the populace based on who they thought was most qualified to be the next ruler. That person, if they accepted the appointment, would become the Second Prince and would then be educated and trained until the First Prince stepped down or died. The First Prince often selects only two or 3 heirs, and focus on making the strongest ruler possible rather than a large number of potential rulers.

After an incident where the First Prince and all his heirs were captured in a battle with the Storm King, it was decided that the Elders would rule in the Prince’s place until he was recovered. The Prince never returned however and although the Elders attempted to appoint another heir time and time again, none would accept the appointment. Eventually, it was decided that until an heir appeared that could win the hearts of the people, the Elders would rule in the place of the First Prince. This Rule of Elders would continue for the next 282 years before Randin would restore the Principality in NCE 5450.


The Wyvern Riders of Cass are famous throughout the continent for their unmatched skill and innovative tactics with Wyverns. The Wyvern Riders raise their mounts from infancy to adulthood and they are the only ones allowed to interact with it. The bond between the rider and the wyvern is described but the riders as more of a partnership than the typical comparison of rider and horse. This bond has led people who witness the riders in combat to believe that the riders are controlling their beasts through some sort of magic. But anyone with dedication, not magical aptitude, can become a Wyvern Rider.

Cass’ infantry, namely the Dragon’s Talons elite units, are also a force to be reckoned with.


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